Hours of Operation
Nights - Weekends - Holidays


We are open every night to serve you and your beloved pets. Our goal is to help you with your emergencies when your regular veterinarian is closed without charging you premium prices. 






Our investment is not in a luxurious waiting room, but has been directed to the quality of the medical services.

   "Sophisticated medicine in a plain brown wrapper."   


We will not charge you extra for holidays! It is difficult enough to have a medical emergency on a holiday without the added burden of holiday surcharges. And will will have our experienced Veterinarian ready to serve your pets. No junior veterinarians on duty at this Hospital!

The Animal EMERGENCY Center and Hospital is open 365 days a year! It is staffed as needed for the complete care of its patients, which means that staff may stay long after regular office hours to monitor and treat patients. We also make every effort to send patients home to recover where they are most comfortable and feel safe and secure among their family. We will also work with your regular Vet to enable them to continue the treatment of your beloved pet as needed. 

  Open Closed
Sunday 8 PM 3 AM
Monday 8 PM 3 AM
Tuesday 8 PM 3 AM
Wednesday 8 PM 3 AM
Thursday 8 PM 3 AM
Friday 8 PM 3 AM
Saturday 8 PM 3 AM

ANIMAL EMERGENCY CENTER AND HOSPITAL is the registered name of Animal Emergency Center LLC

For Emergencies Call  (502) 456-6102

OPEN 7 Days a Week, 7PM to 1AM but we are often open as late as 3AM or later as circumstances and the needs of the patient dictate. Open Holidays (NO Holiday Surcharge!)

3321 Red Roof Inn Place, Louisville, KY 40218                                                                               

Exit 71 South off the Watterson Xway (I-264) onto Newburg Road. At the first light past the freeway ramps, turn right onto Bishop Lane. We are located behind the Speedway Gas Station near the intersection of Newburg Road and Bishop Lane, next to the Red Roof Inn.