Louisville’s FIRST and MOST EXPERIENCED Emergency Veterinary Hospital staffed by Dr. Gary M. Tran, one of the area’s most experienced senior veterinarians with skills honed by over 50 years of intensive practice. 







The Animal EMERGENCY Center and Hospital  was started in 1984 by a group of area veterinarians to provide emergency veterinary care for their clients when their regular Vet’s office was closed. They asked Dr. Gary M. Tran to be the principal veterinarian and surgeon to provide those essential services. 


Now, over 30 years later, Dr. Tran continues to offer his services at affordable rates, just as he did when the Center was first opened. Animal EMERGENCY Center and Hospital  has never been just a ‘shot and worming’ practice, but has focused on the critical cases that many regular vets have been unable to successfully treat. 


Dr. Tran has personally seen over 91,000 emergency cases since the Animal EMERGENCY Center and Hospital was first opened. That experience is invaluable and provides the crucial knowledge your pet needs. While Dr. Tran does see regular cases, the vast majority of his patients have critical injuries or illnesses which require advanced medical care and the latest in treatment protocols. 


Dr. Tran is highly regarded for his abilities as a surgeon, as well as his diagnostic skills. In addition to keeping ahead of the latest in advances in traditional veterinary medicine, Dr. Tran has also looked into other treatment modalities that may address conditions which modern, Western Medicine has been unable to treat and cure. This combination of approaches is now called INTEGRATIVE VETERINARY MEDICINE. Dr. Tran is one of the nation’s leading practitioners of Integrative Veterinary Medicine. 


You will not see lush gardens or fish ponds in the waiting room. Our facility has the same, plain exterior it had when it was first built in 1984. Our funds go to the latest in medical equipment and the expensive medical grade components which comprise the Integrative Veterinary Medicine treatments. You will also not see expensive phone book ads, with inflated claims. Our results speak for themselves (even if our patients can't). Dr. Tran is the only veterinarian in Metro-Louisville with extensive experience in multi-modality treatments and affordable care. Sophisticated, scientifically-proven medicine in a plain brown wrapper. 






Come to our Center and see why the leading veterinarians in Metro-Louisville asked Dr. Tran, out of all the medical experts in the state, to head the Animal EMERGENCY Center and Hospital and why your pet deserves the advanced care offered by Animal EMERGENCY Center and Hospital.



“I have dedicated my life to providing essential veterinary care for my clients. To do so, I have worked daily to investigate and learn new protocols and modalities which may improve the quality of care and provide other treatment options for chronic cases and serious, life-threatening conditions. All too often, Veterinarians have found that many diseases do not respond to to the traditional drugs and surgery which make up the limited medical approaches used by so many vets. I want to help every pet I can and would be pleased to help yours.

Dr. Gary M. Tran    


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ANIMAL EMERGENCY CENTER AND HOSPITAL is the registered name of Animal Emergency Center LLC

For Emergencies Call  (502) 456-6102

OPEN 7 Days a Week, 7PM to 1AM but we are often open as late as 3AM or later as circumstances and the needs of the patient dictate. Open Holidays (NO Holiday Surcharge!)

3321 Red Roof Inn Place, Louisville, KY 40218                                                                               

Exit 71 South off the Watterson Xway (I-264) onto Newburg Road. At the first light past the freeway ramps, turn right onto Bishop Lane. We are located behind the Speedway Gas Station near the intersection of Newburg Road and Bishop Lane, next to the Red Roof Inn.